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The man sighed, staring around the room, chin resting in his hands, elbows on knees. He knew he couldn't continue this way, spending the days in this big, empty house alone. It needed looking after, and he couldn't do it by himself. The grounds needed to be tended, the grass mown, the trees and shrubs pruned, everything needed to be watered. The house was becoming dirty; many of its rooms had not been used in a long time. Desperately he longed for human contact, just to know somebody. But he was shy, daunted by the wide world full of strangers. Yet he knew he needed help.
"We can't go on like this." David admitted, as he stroked his cat- Maggie- lovingly. She was named after his adoptive mother.
"We… I … simply can't."
So he lifted himself from his four poster bed, and found his way to the grand walk in wardrobe where he kept his clothing. Deliberating what kind of clothes would be suitable for a trip into town, he eventually decided on a sharp black suit with a pure white shirt and a deep blue tie. He didn't think he'd have the sort of clothing a common person would wear. He didn't look too superior, he decided, until he turned around and examined himself in the mirror. Then he noticed a black polo shirt messily hanging out of a draw. Deeming the shirt a better alternative, he rummaged through the draw it hung out of, finding a pair of blue jeans, floral shorts and more polo shirts. "Clothes like every one wore" he thought to himself. Yet he had never seen any of these garments before.

Returning to the bedroom again, he looked out the window. It was raining, dark, miserable and none too pleasant. But this had to do be done now he resolved. He would avoid doing it tomorrow, or forget completely.
He slipped on a blue polo shirt and the jeans; he would have to save those rather splendid floral shorts for another, warmer, brighter, drier day, perhaps. Then took in his reflection and realised just why everyone wore trousers like these. They were so comfortable it was ridiculous! He searched through his collection of shoes, and settled for some black running shoes. Snatching a black leather jacket on his way down stairs and grabbing himself an umbrella, he reached the front door. Checking himself over once again he squared his shoulders, opened the door a little, and peeked out. Looking back over his shoulder and sighing he made his mind up: he had to go. So, before he could stop himself, like before, he swung open the door and stepped out.
I TRIED AGAIN! Ok, ok, the preview pic is by Secret-Shipper over on the comm. I think. Oh well, it's awesome either way so I stole it shamelessly. It's now the shame kicks in.

Oh, OH! Oh, it's an AU (alternate universe) fic about David Cameron and Nick Clegg being gay. Part one of many. Woop. If you don't like, don't read and especially don't comment about how it's wrong and how much you hate it because that's just stupid. If you read it and have critique on the writing of it, sure, that's fine, but keep it constructive and don't just flame because you're straight and thing gays should die. I hate homophobes.

Fic (C) me, DCam and Nick (C) the world. Lol.
ThenSheAdmitted Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
HAHA, theft! Anyway...

Ah, the cat is so well placed, I love it. And now we can wait for the JUICEE BITS.
cheeseybananas Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
Maybe, maybe...It may stay as fluff for a LONG while though. Hate to dissapoint. But Clameron atm...
ThenSheAdmitted Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
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